Title: Down by the River
Artist: Milky Chance
Played: 1973 times

Milky Chance - Down by the River


Yo London, This is coming - www.doomedgallery.tumblr.com


Title: No Rest for the Wicked
Artist: Lykke Li
Played: 1913 times


Mike Brodie - A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity

"In 2003 at the age of seventeen Mike Brodie was living in Pensacola, Florida, still at High school and working part time bagging groceries. He decided to visit a friend in Mobile, Alabama choosing to train hop and ride illegally. In fact he ended up getting on the wrong train and travelled for three days in the opposite direction to Jacksonville, Florida. Days later, Brodie rode the same train home, arriving back where he started. Nonetheless, it sparked something and Brodie began to wander across the U.S. by any means that were free - walking, hitch-hiking and train hopping. His photographs are of the rough and ready band of young outsiders he met whilst travelling. The soft, warm portraits reveal a romanticised and bohemian view of the transient community." [LN-CC]


Aura Rosenberg Mike Kelley/Joe Siena, 1996.



This is an incredibly intimate project by LCC postgraduate, Fern. We were not surprised to find out that this is a community of people that she has started living with, for although there are no formal portraits in the series the people who do appear in the images are relaxed and completely at ease. The absence of formal portraits adds to the project, these images are as much about the space that these people occupy as the people themselves. It makes us want to leave London and head to the woods. See the rest of this project and more work here


Marina Abramović and Ulay sat as one, sharing a braid, for 16 hours. Only for the final hour did they allow an audience.

Even while staying still, how much did they change over time?

(Relation in Time, 1977)


"Swoon", The Face, April 1999
Photographer : Mario Sorrenti
Model : Malgosia Bela

Doug Aitken
electric earth, 1999
Eight DVD installation
Edition 3/4,
Dimensions variable.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.
Exhibition photo by Brian Forrest,


jeff wall

double self portrait, 1979

at the AGO right now


Björk in Drawing Restraint 9, directed by Matthew Barney, 2005