From 2010 to 2013, French photographer Antoine Bruy hitchhiked across Europe with no fixed course or destination in mind. Along the way, he met several individuals who had willingly abandoned modern lifestyles in exchange for freedom in the wilderness. Their faces and homes are compiled in Bruy’s compelling series Scrublands.


Yashica 124G, The Prairies, Canada.

Some Out West rejects. 

Book available here: Out West

Lars Tunbjörk

from the series “I love Borås!” (2006)



I’m trying to capture life and moments of my friends, family and places where feels like home to me.

Place to call home for now is my country Serbia where I grew up.

I’m Dorotea Dimitrijevic 24 year’s old, 

All pictures are analog…..


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Anonymous whispered: What has been on your mind lately?

my current job, my visa application and my personal life.

Anonymous whispered: Describe a good day.

A day where there isn’t much movement and involves being hungover with something to eat covered in cheese, with coffee, cigarettes and an emotional rom/com OR a day when processing film - either are quite satisfyingly good.


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Anonymous whispered: Did you always believe you were talented? Do you believe it now? Well done though, I think you're work is impressive now.

I’m not too keen on the word talented to be honest. I believe I have a lot more to learn and practice to really be as impressive as some people’s work I’ve seen. It’s only really the beginnings. Thank you though.


Temptation in Eden

Photograph by Juergen Teller; styled by Camilla Nickerson; W magazine September 2009. 

Title: Down by the River
Artist: Milky Chance
Played: 4865 times

Milky Chance - Down by the River


Yo London, This is coming -